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    4. Executive Search Recruitment using Exclusive Contingency Model (ECM)

      What is an Exclusive Contingency Model (ECM)?

      The Exclusive Contingency Model (ECM) assigns sole search responsibilities to the firm; for either, a permanent talent search or a group of searches.

      The model is structured to save clients’ time and money by offering discounts alongside a streamlined process. This allows clients the ability to fill multiple positions through one single point of contact.

      With our advanced Al Search technology, the Oakwood ECM is designed to be results driven with no cost involved until the search is completed. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

      ECM Benefits

      20% rate for first placement
      ? $2500
      ? $5000 off each additional
      Pay only when candidate starts.
      One highly responsive point of contact. No administrative headaches.
      90-day placement guarantee; no long-term commitment. Cancel at anytime.

      Two factors differentiate Oakwood Search

      Our extensive recruiting experience combined with our industry leading Al search technology, enable Oakwood search to consistently outperform our competition

      Our streamlined process eliminates administrative headache while also getting the job done.


      Please?visit our company page?on LinkedIn to learn more about how Oakwood can assist your organization with your hiring efforts.


      WHO WE ARE

      Oakwood Search has a proven track record of helping leading corporations find their needed employees. With a comprehensive understanding of the...Read More


      We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how Oakwood can help your organization grow and flourish. Feel free to call us at 303.745.2504 or click here to email us.